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5 Things to Know About CO2 Airsoft

Elite Force Evan is back with 5 facts you need to know about CO2 powered airsoft replicas.



Here are 5 things to know about your CO2 airsoft replica.  But first, never brandish your airsoft replica in public, and only play at sanctioned airsoft fields.

Number 1: When loading new CO2 into your airsoft gun, always apply airsoft and paintball silicone lubricant on the seal before inserting.

Number 2: Don't overtighten the CO2 puncture screw.

Number 3: Do not dry-fire your CO2 powered replica as this will cause premature wear.

Number 4: Do not store your CO2 powered airsoft replica in heat and always unload (remove any unused CO2 and ammo) when finished.

Number 5: HAVE FUN!

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