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Restricted Shipping in the United States

California | Massachusetts | New York | Portland, OR | Washington D.C

There are restrictions, product markings and other requirements in the U.S. that vary by state, municipality or jurisdiction dictating where a Prepared 2 Protect® pistol and projectiles can be sold, received, owned, carried and/or used. Every purchaser is responsible for checking and obeying the state and/or municipality laws that govern their use and/or ownership of P2P products

We DO NOT ship products to consumers who live in these areas:

Image of states with restricted shipping


Pepper Ball Ammo is prohibited


Permissible to possess, must be purchased from licensed ammo dealer 122B (licensing) 122C (pepper items)

New York

Non Pepper items can be shipped to most areas except the Five Boroughs

Portland, OR


Washington D.C.

Pepper Ball is prohibited