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Less Lethal Self Defense

What is P2P?

P2P or Prepared 2 Protect was developed by UMAREX, a family-owned company, with interests in empowering people with the confidence to protect themselves, their families, and possessions without the use of a firearm. Being Prepared 2 Protect offers peace of mind when children are present and firearms aren't wanted or are prohibited. Easy-to-use quick response activation and multiple rounds provide confidence during intense situations. Be prepared to protect what matters most.


Less Lethal Projectiles

Pepper Round


Red and white colored rounds that burst on impact creating a cloud of pepper irritant that can incapacitate threats

Powder Round


Blue and white colored rounds that burst on impact creating a cloud of powder. Perfect for practice.

Rubber Round


Rubber rounds are made of a hard rubber that can be used for practice and self-defense. These are reusable

Shop Projectiles

P2P RUBBER BALLS .50 CAL 10 count

Tube of 10 rubber balls for HDP 50 pistol.
< $6.99


P2P 10 Count .50 Caliber pepper balls
< $19.99

UMAREX 12g CO2 12 pack

CO2 quality is critically important for the health of your air gun. Ensure a lifetime of performance with clean CO2. A physical street address is required. We cannot ship to PO Boxes.
< $8.99
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