First Aid


Prepared 2 Protect® pepper rounds contain chemicals that can cause severe injury, permanent disabilities, and even death in rare cases. Those with a history of chronic disease, respiratory issues, children, and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the more extreme effects of chemicals contained within Prepared 2 Protect® pepper rounds and will likely need medical attention or hospitalization. Individuals that are in contact with the chemical irritants may experience chemical burns or allergic contact dermatitis. Extreme exposure to the eyes may result in corneal scarring, which can lead to permanent loss of visual detail or blindness.

If inhaled:

Move affected person into fresh air. If affected person still has difficulty breathing, seek medical assistance immediately and provide oxygen treatment if available.

If skin contact occurs:

As soon as possible, wash with water and soap, then rinse thoroughly. Contact a medical professional if a rash or any other kind of skin irritation occurs.

If eye contact occurs:

Remove contact lenses and rinse affected eyes under running water for several minutes. If affected person is still having difficulties, consult a medical professional.

If ingested:

Rinse out mouth as soon as possible and drink plenty of water. DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek medical assistance immediately.

Common symptoms to expect on exposure; can occur immediately or be delayed:

Respiratory irritation, coughing & breathing difficulty. Eye irritation. Allergic reactions.