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Be Prepared 2 Protect

Be prepared 2 protect

Be prepared for any situation

From people with bad intentions to aggressive animals, the P2P lineup will allow you to effectively protect yourself and your family ina variety of situations


1. Prepare

You never know when you will encounter a threatening situation, that is why being prepared at all times is a must. Ensure your P2P launcher has a full load of pepper rounds and a fresh CO2 capsule. Use the included rubber rounds to practice and familiarize yourself with your P2P.


2. At The Ready

There are a variety of ways to store and carry P2P products. The key is determining what works for your lifestyle. You can carry one in your purse or backpack. The HDP 50 Compact can fit in a pocket or waistband. While traveling, the center console or door pocket of your vehicle can hold a P2P as well.


3. Stay Prepared

Being prepared will make the difference in a high-stress situation. Always stay aware of your surroundings and if you face a dangerous situation trust you instincts and remain calm. Aim for the center of an attacker's chest or at the feet of an aggressive animal when you fire your P2P. The rounds burst upon impact and release a noxious cloud of pepper-infused dust into their respiratory system and eyes.


4. Seek Safety

In the event you use your P2P product to slow down a threat, quickly move to a safe location. Then call 911 to report the incident.


HDP 50 Compact

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Less-Lethal Self-Defense

These self-defense rounds have a tough outer shell that breaks upon high-speed impact and performs optimally at about 20 feet or less. Pepper rounds fit .50 caliber P2P pepper pistols to provide highly effective deterrents. The powder rounds are made for the ultimate force-on-force training experience, and the rubber rounds are reusable and great for training or practice with your P2P .50 caliber less-lethal self-defense pistol.

Pepper Ball Ammo

Pepper Rounds

Self Defense

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Rubber Ball Ammo

Rubber Rounds

Practice Reusable

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Power Ball Ammo

Powder Rounds


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