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HDP 50 Scares Off Hungry Black Bear

When Scott Fair and his family moved from Arizona to the northeast corner of Maine, he began researching less lethal self defense options. He eventually settled on the HDP 50 for himself and an HDP 50 Compact for his wife. But he admits he questioned the effectiveness of less lethal options - until June 8th.


That day, a black bear showed up in his yard. It knocked over Fair’s empty trash cans and then began raiding a bird feeder in his front yard. 

Fair grabbed his HDP 50, slapped the Quick Pierce System and walked out to the driveway. The bear didn’t move.

“That bear was not afraid of people or cars,” Fair said. “I was worried it might try to get into the house or be there later when one of us walked to the car.”

Fair fired two pepper rounds and one rubber ball at the bear, which caused it to run to the edge of the yard. It turned back toward the bird feeder and Fair fired a third pepper round. 

“It took off running through my neighbor’s potato field and into the woods on the other side,” Fair said. “It didn’t slow down after that fourth shot hit him.”

Fair said the P2P products are perfect for his new lifestyle in the most northeastern city in the USA.

“I’m used to carrying a pistol, when we lived in Arizona I carried every day,” Fair said. “But I wanted something I could keep handy when the firearms are locked in the gun safe.”

Fair admitted the bear encounter confirmed he’d made the right choice by selecting a P2P HDP 50.

“You’ve always got concerns when you’ve not actually used something,” Fair said. “But the HDP passed the field test for me.”



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