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Part 5: Personal Security in Public Places



Perhaps it's an abuse of the term, but chaos theory is the point where stability moves towards instability.  The stable American life is being destabilized more and more each day. Those who have stability are often the targets of such chaotic events such as random attacks. A few years ago, urban youths began playing a cruel game called “Knock-out”. These youths targeted elderly folks, females, and other young people with a sucker-punch meant to instantly incapacitate the victim. 

Someone Else’s Problem Just Became Your Problem


Additionally, the risk of someone else’s domestic disturbance spilling out into the public is not an unheard of occurrence.  A noteworthy example of this happened in my hometown just a few years ago at a local shopping mall.  The angry ex had stalked the female down and approached her with a firearm. Thankfully the gentleman she was with was armed and stopped the threat with the application of lethal force. 


Dial-A-Riot Is In Business


Additionally, any city, large or small is one event away from a riot that can be made to order in hours. Even the small community I live in has had (and could possibly still yet have) an issue with a mob outrage event. We certainly didn’t ask for anything like this and we don’t want it, but that doesn’t stop crazy from happening. Those of you in larger cities are intimately aware of the random nature and speed at which these types of events can occur.  



Once again, the use of a force multiplier, i.e. a firearm or less lethal device is a good way to create space between you and an attacker. Accessibility to the force multiplier is yet again a crucial factor in their utility. If you have gone through the trouble of purchasing either a firearm or less lethal device and learned how to use it, then it stands to reason it does no good if you do not carry the device with you. 


Understanding that most workplaces do not allow its employees to conceal carry, you will need to sufficiently store the device in your automobile while at work.  This can be an easy place to get lazy– just leave the device locked up in the car all the time. Once again, this will not do. If the device is not instantly accessible, it might as well be twenty miles away. Habitually holstering the device each time you get into your car to leave work is essential. 


Whatever you choose to do, remember that choosing to do nothing is a decision too.  Choosing to do nothing is empowering someone else to choose for you. Let’s empower ourselves and make solid, responsible decisions to preserve our integrity for as long as possible. 

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