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Blog posts of '2023' 'June'

HDP 50 Scares Off Hungry Black Bear

When Scott Fair and his family moved from Arizona to the northeast corner of Maine, he began researching less lethal self defense options. He eventually settled on the HDP 50 for himself and an HDP 50 Compact for his wife. But he admits he questioned the effectiveness of less lethal options - until ...

Reasons To P2P

There are several reasons to choose less lethal self-defense options like Prepared2Protect’s HDP 50 and HDP 50 Compact pepper ball-firing pistols.

  1. Personal Safety: Less lethal self-defense options provide individuals with a means to protect themselves without causing fatal harm to an attacker...

Part 5: Personal Security in Public Places



Perhaps it's an abuse of the term, but chaos theory is the point where stability moves towards instability.  The stable American life is being destabilized more and more each day. Those who have stability are often the targets of such chaotic events such as random attacks. A few years ago, urb...

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